Bridgestone Alenza 001 265/50R20 111

Comfort, Control, Confidence Alenza 001 The Bridgestone Alenza 001 tyre enhances luxury SUVs with supreme comfort and exceptional grip across all conditions. Engineered for longevity, it offers excellent steering response and enduring wear life.

SKU: 11004055 Manufacturer: Bridgestone Tread Pattern: Alenza 001

Comfort, Control, Confidence

Designed exclusively for luxury SUVs, the Bridgestone Alenza 001 tyre is a testament to Bridgestone’s commitment to enhancing vehicle performance and passenger comfort. This tyre is crafted to maximise your SUV’s potential on both wet and dry roads, delivering a dynamic and luxurious driving experience with confidence. Featuring four circumferential grooves with chamfering blocks, it ensures superior safety and high-level braking performance under various conditions.

The incorporation of Bridgestone’s innovative Nano Pro-Tech compound provides resistance to heat and abrasion, significantly reducing wear and promoting longevity.

Its asymmetric tread pattern with multi-round block design guarantees superb riding comfort and outstanding steering performance, making every journey a pleasure.

Superior Wet and Dry Performance

With four circumferential grooves and chamfering blocks, the Alenza 001 offers unmatched safety and braking performance in both wet and dry conditions, ensuring you remain in control.

Longevity Through Technology

The Nano Pro-Tech compound enhances the tyre's resistance to heat and abrasion, reducing wear and extending the tyre's life, allowing for prolonged enjoyment of its premium performance.

Riding Comfort and Steering Precision

The asymmetric tread pattern with multi-round block design ensures excellent riding comfort and superior steering response, enhancing the driving experience in all aspects.

Engineered for Luxury SUVs

Tailored specifically for luxury SUVs, the Alenza 001 tyre supports the vehicle's performance characteristics, providing a seamless integration of comfort and control for a truly luxurious drive.



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