Radar Tyres

Radar Dimax R8+ 245/50R20 105W

Elevate your drive with Dimax R8+ Dimax R8+ This Next-gen Dimax R8+ sport tyre for high-performance cars and SUVs. Unrivaled grip, precise handling, and comfort.

SKU: 5609RC Manufacturer: Radar Tread Pattern: Dimax R8+

Elevate your drive with Dimax R8+

The Dimax R8+ is the next generation sport tyre range in the Radar Tyres Dimax family that has been engineered for ultra-high performance passenger cars and SUV’s. This range features an all-new tread compound that provides exceptional wet grip. The Dimax R8+ has been specifically designed to give high performance on vehicles that demand the best tyres and offers the ultimate blend of excellent wet and dry grip, precise handling and comfort. This range incorporates most of the run-flat sizes for vehicles in this segment.

Quiet and comfortable ride

Optimised tread pitch sequence for a quieter ride.

Exceptional wet grip

A combination of an all-new tread compound with four wide longitudinal grooves provide exceptional wet grip and aquaplaning resistance.

Precise handling at high speeds

Asymmetric tread design with advanced silica formulated tread compound technology.



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