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Radar Dimax Eco 195/55R20 95H

Performance with efficiency Dimax Eco Introducing Dimax Eco: Radar Tyres' high performance Eco tyre. "A" for Fuel Efficiency, "B" for wet grip and quiet 69dB. Ideal for electric, hybrid and combustion vehicles.

SKU: 5599RCZ Manufacturer: Radar Tread Pattern: Dimax Eco

Performance with efficiency

The Dimax Eco is the revolutionary new low rolling resistance high performance tyre from Radar Tyres. This tyre has been rated the best possible EU Tyre label grade “A” for Rolling Resistance which translates to high Fuel Efficiency and reduction of CO2 emissions; “B” grade for wet grip which provides enhanced wet grip and shorter braking distance and it has a significantly lower noise level of 69dB. This tyre is designed to fit high performance electric, hybrid and latest generation internal combustion vehicles.

High fuel efficiency

Unique low-hysteresis tread compound that reduces energy loss and results in a lower rolling resistance which in turn leads to the vehicle delivering higher fuel efficiency and reduction in CO2 emissions.

Good handling

Optimised and light weight construction which provides good handling.

Enhanced wet grip, good aquaplaning resistance and shorter braking distance.

Specially formulated tread compound along with the 3 wide circumferential grooves offers shorter braking distance and enhanced grip in wet conditions.



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