Michelin XJE4 Mix Energy 215/85R16

All Position light truck tyre XJE4 Mix Energy The Michelin XJE4 Mix Energy tyre offers unbeatable durability and all-season grip for light trucks. Engineered with a wider tread and advanced features, it ensures optimal contact and resistance against uneven wear.

SKU: 121033 Manufacturer: Michelin Tread Pattern: XJE4 Mix Energy

All Position light truck tyre

The Michelin XJE4 Mix Energy is a cutting-edge all-position tyre designed specifically for 16-inch light trucks, combining Michelin’s renowned durability technology with innovative features for enhanced performance. The tyre’s wider tread, composed of 5 ribs and continuous shoulders, maximizes road contact for improved stability and handling.

Its 3D self-locking sipes expertly reduce uneven wear, extending tyre life. The high-tensile strength casing and reinforced crown area offer exceptional impact resistance, while the robust bead design ensures the tyre remains fitted securely, even under heavy loads.

Equipped with Michelin’s Durability Technology (MDT) and advanced three-dimensional double corrugation, the XJE4 Mix Energy tyre provides excellent grip in all weather conditions, making it a versatile choice for drivers demanding high performance and reliability.

Optimised Road Contact

The tyre's wider tread with 5 ribs and continuous shoulders enhances road contact, leading to improved stability and handling for light trucks.

Reduced Uneven Wear

Featuring 3D self-locking sipes, the XJE4 Mix Energy tyre minimises uneven wear, ensuring a longer lifespan and consistent performance.

Superior Impact Resistance

The reinforced crown area, coupled with a high-tensile strength casing, offers outstanding resistance to impacts, safeguarding against potential damage from road debris.

All-Season Grip

Thanks to MDT Michelin Durability Technology and high-tensile carcass steel wire, this tyre boasts excellent grip across all seasons, providing safety and confidence in various driving conditions.



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