Hankook iON evo AS IH01 245/35R21

Specifically engineered for electric vehicles iON evo AS IH01 The Hankook iON evo AS IH01 tyre is specifically engineered for electric vehicles, blending advanced technology for durability, comfort, and all-season performance. Designed to enhance range and reduce noise, it's the ideal choice for both passenger cars and EVs.

SKU: 1033205 Manufacturer: Hankook Tread Pattern: iON evo AS IH01

Specifically engineered for electric vehicles

The Hankook iON evo AS IH01 represents a significant step forward in tyre technology for electric vehicles. This tyre is meticulously designed with features that cater to the unique demands of EVs, such as heavier battery loads and instant torque delivery. It incorporates Foam technology that disperses sound from the road, absorbing vibrations and reducing tyre noise significantly, which is essential given the quieter nature of electric vehicles.

The iON evo AS IH01 also offers superior mileage and comfort due to its ProDurable Compound and Round Even Technology, ensuring even tread wear and extended tyre life. Enhanced with Opti Cure and Grip Claw Technologies, it delivers reduced rolling resistance for longer range and exceptional grip in various conditions, making it an excellent all-season choice.

This tyre not only promises performance but also prioritises environmental sustainability with its use of eco-friendly materials.

Hankook Ion Evo As Ih01

Optimised Performance for Electric Vehicles
Recognising the specific needs of electric vehicles, Hankook has tailored the iON evo AS IH01 to offer specialised performance features that address the unique challenges posed by EVs. The tyre includes an Optimised Multi-Pitch Sequencing through Opti Pitch Technology, which significantly reduces noise by varying the number and size of the tread pitches. This ensures a quieter ride, enabling drivers to focus more on their driving and less on external disturbances.

The Optimised Ground Pressure Distribution design helps the tyre wear more evenly, which is crucial given that tyres on electric vehicles tend to wear out approximately 20% faster due to the heavier weight from the battery. This design not only extends the life of the tyre but also maintains consistent performance and safety, making the Hankook iON evo AS IH01 a reliable and sustainable choice for any electric vehicle owner looking to enhance their driving experience.

Noise Proof Technology

Utilises i Sound Absorber Technology to significantly reduce tyre noise, providing a quieter, more comfortable ride in electric vehicles.

Extended Range Performance

Features Opti Cure technology, optimising the tyre's rolling resistance to enhance battery efficiency and extend vehicle range, critical for long-distance travel.

Exceptional All-Season Grip

Incorporates Progrip Compound and Grip Claw Technology, which ensure reliable performance across dry, wet, and mildly snowy conditions, providing safety and versatility throughout the year.

Enhanced Durability and Stability:

The use of Aramid Hybrid Reinforcement Belts and a high strength steel belt structure enhances steering precision and sidewall stability at higher speeds, crucial for handling the increased weight and performance characteristics of electric vehicles.



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