Hankook Hankook Smart Flex TH31 215/75R17.5

Reliable All-Season Performance Hankook Smart Flex TH31 The Hankook Smart Flex TH31 tyre is designed for all-season versatility and durability, providing excellent traction and stability across varied road conditions. It’s ideal for trailers that require dependable performance year-round.

SKU: 3003900 Manufacturer: Hankook Tread Pattern: Hankook Smart Flex TH31

Reliable All-Season Performance

The Hankook Smart Flex TH31 is an advanced all-season trailer tyre that excels in providing a reliable and stable drive on a variety of road surfaces. With its innovative design features, including four main zigzag grooves for exceptional traction and water drainage, it ensures optimal performance in both wet and dry conditions.

The tyre’s asymmetric groove helps in ejecting stones, while its slanted groove design prevents chunking, enhancing longevity and durability. A special chip-cut compound further improves its resilience against severe conditions. Additionally, the new compound mixing system, known as the Innovation Mixing System (IMS), minimizes disconnection of polymer chains and oxidation, ensuring the tyre maintains its integrity and performance over time.

Ideal for trailers, the Smart Flex TH31 is equipped to handle the unpredictability of all seasons with ease.

Main Zigzag Groove

Provides excellent traction and effective water drainage under various road conditions, ensuring safety and stability regardless of the weather.

Slanted Groove Design

This design feature helps to prevent chunking, reducing the wear and tear on the tyre and extending its lifespan, particularly in harsh driving conditions.

Innovation Mixing System (IMS)

The new compound mixing system enhances the molecular integrity of the tyre, reducing oxidation and improving overall durability.

Chip-Cut Compound

Specially formulated to withstand severe conditions, this compound increases the tyre’s resilience against chipping and tearing, making it ideal for heavy-duty applications.



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