Dunlop Sport Maxx RT 265/35R19 98Y

Unparalleled driving experience Sport Maxx RT The Dunlop Sport Maxx RT tyre unlocks the thrill of sports driving with advanced motorsport technologies. Experience unmatched grip, stability, and fuel efficiency for an exhilarating ride.

SKU: 533468 Manufacturer: Dunlop Tread Pattern: Sport Maxx RT

Unparalleled driving experience

The Dunlop Sport Maxx RT, standing for Racing Technology, marks a revolutionary step forward in sports driving, seamlessly blending motorsport-derived innovations for the everyday driver. This tyre introduces an adaptive compound and innovative design features like massive outer shoulder blocks and short-braking blocks to deliver superior grip, enhanced stability, and reduced braking distances, even at high speeds. Its optimised construction not only promises incredible performance but also superior fuel economy, by minimising heat generation. Born from the DNA of true supercar race tyres, the Sport Maxx RT is the ultimate upgrade for drivers seeking the thrill of performance driving without sacrificing comfort and efficiency.

It’s a successor to the acclaimed SP Sport Maxx and SP Sport Maxx TT, taking their legacy to new heights with improved features for an unparalleled driving experience.

Adaptive Compound

Utilises a motorsport-derived polymer for increased adaptability to the road surface, providing enhanced grip for a more dynamic driving experience.

Massive Outer Shoulder Block

Increases the contact area during cornering, particularly at high speeds, offering improved stability and handling for confident manoeuvres.

Short-Braking Blocks

Features new 'power braking' blocks that significantly shorten braking distances, ensuring safer stops especially when it matters most.

Optimised Construction

The optimal distribution of materials reduces heat generation, which in turn ensures reduced fuel consumption, making the Sport Maxx RT not only powerful but also efficient.



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