Dunlop SPLT 50 205/80R17.5

Durability Drives Further SPLT 50 The Dunlop Enasave SP LT50 tyre offers unparalleled durability and extended mileage for light trucks, combining wear resistance technology with heavy-load durability for optimal performance.

SKU: 580591 Manufacturer: Dunlop Tread Pattern: SPLT 50

Durability Drives Further

The Dunlop Enasave SP LT50 is a light truck tyre engineered to surpass the expectations of durability and mileage in commercial transportation. This tyre incorporates advanced wear resistance technology, ensuring a longer lifespan even under rigorous conditions. Designed to withstand heavy loads, it maintains its integrity and performance, providing reliability and peace of mind for drivers. The SP LT50 is the epitome of Dunlop’s commitment to excellence, offering a blend of endurance and efficiency that translates into cost savings and reduced downtime for businesses.

Its superior construction not only promises extended mileage but also supports the tyre’s robust nature, making it an ideal choice for light trucks that face the daily challenges of heavy-duty tasks.


Wear Resistance Technology

Utilises cutting-edge technology to significantly reduce tyre wear, extending the life of the tyre and ensuring sustained performance over longer distances.

Durability in Heavy Load Conditions

Specifically designed to handle heavy loads, this tyre maintains its structural integrity and performance, offering reliability and safety for light trucks in demanding conditions.

Extended Mileage

With its focus on durability and wear resistance, the SP LT50 ensures that vehicles can travel further on a single set of tyres, reducing the frequency of tyre replacements and lowering operational costs.

Optimal Performance

The Dunlop Enasave SP LT50 is crafted to offer a balanced performance, ensuring that light trucks can enjoy enhanced handling, stability, and safety, contributing to a smoother and more efficient driving experience.



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