Dunlop SP Quattro Maxx 275/40R22 108Y

Peak Performance Redefined SP Quattro Maxx The Dunlop SP Quattro Maxx tyre is engineered for the ultimate driving experience on luxury SUVs, offering unparalleled stability, grip, and steering precision. Advanced features ensure exceptional performance, handling, and braking on both dry and wet roads.

SKU: 537700 Manufacturer: Dunlop Tread Pattern: SP Quattro Maxx

Peak Performance Redefined

The Dunlop SP Quattro Maxx stands as a testament to tyre innovation, specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of the most powerful luxury SUVs. This tyre incorporates cutting-edge technology and materials, such as Kevlar fibre in the apex for enhanced steering response, dual tread compounds for unmatched grip, and ultra-stiff breakers for superior road feedback.

Its flatter tread profile and dual silica compound significantly improve stability and precision in cornering, steering, and braking under any condition.

Whether navigating tight bends or accelerating on straight roads, the SP Quattro Maxx ensures a performance that matches the high power and sophistication of luxury SUVs, making it an essential choice for drivers seeking the pinnacle of on-road performance and comfort.

Kevlar Fibre Apex

Integrates Kevlar fibre for improved steering response during acceleration and braking, coupled with increased stability in corners, making it perfect for dynamic driving situations.

Dual Tread Compound

Offers the ultimate dry grip while providing excellent handling and braking on wet surfaces, ensuring a balanced performance in various weather conditions.

Ultra-stiff Breakers

Improves road feedback and handling for heavy-duty performance, catering to the needs of powerful and heavier SUVs with higher centers of gravity.

Enhanced Stability and Precision

The tyre's design focuses on increased cornering stability and more steering precision, essential for the performance demands of luxury SUVs.



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