Dunlop SP Qualifier TG21 225/95R16 118S

Durability Across Terrains SP Qualifier TG21 The Dunlop SP Qualifier TG21 tyre offers unmatched durability and stability on diverse surfaces, designed for all-season driving. Its advanced technology reduces road noise, ensuring a comfortable ride in various conditions.

SKU: 572971 Manufacturer: Dunlop Tread Pattern: SP Qualifier TG21

Durability Across Terrains

The Dunlop SP Qualifier TG21 stands as a testament to multi-purpose tyre engineering, blending robust durability with exceptional stability across all terrains, including gravel, sand, and bush. This all-season tyre is built to deliver firm control and stability, featuring a rugged tread pattern and a reinforced sidewall protector rib that guards against cuts and punctures on rough off-road terrains.

Simultaneously, it provides supreme ride comfort on highway roads, reducing road noise significantly. With its excellent technical capabilities, the SP Qualifier TG21 performs impressively in cornering and braking under various conditions.

Endorsed and fitted by one of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers, this tyre is a choice for drivers seeking reliable performance and durability, no matter the environment.

All-Season Versatility

The Dunlop SP Qualifier TG21 is engineered for all weather conditions, ensuring reliable performance whether you're driving on hot, dry roads or navigating through wet, slippery conditions.

Enhanced Durability and Stability

With its rugged tread pattern and reinforced sidewall protector rib, this tyre offers exceptional durability and stability, making it ideal for tackling rough terrains without compromising on safety.

Reduced Road Noise

Designed to reduce road noise, the SP Qualifier TG21 ensures a more comfortable and quieter ride, enhancing the driving experience on long journeys.

Excellent Cut Resistance

The tyre's construction provides excellent resistance against cuts and punctures, protecting against the unexpected and extending the tyre's lifespan even in harsh off-road conditions.



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