Dunlop Grandtrek TG32 185/80R17 99M

Quiet Power, Refined Ride Grandtrek TG32 The Dunlop Grandtrek TG32 tyre excels in providing enhanced handling and comfort, coupled with reduced noise levels for an unmatched driving experience. Designed for 4WD and SUV vehicles, it ensures all-weather reliability and long-lasting performance.

SKU: 544914 Manufacturer: Dunlop Tread Pattern: Grandtrek TG32

Quiet Power, Refined Ride

The Dunlop Grandtrek TG32 stands as a pinnacle of tyre innovation, catering specifically to 4WD and SUV enthusiasts who demand excellence in both performance and comfort. This tyre is engineered to deliver superior handling and a smoother, quieter ride, setting a new standard for on-road driving pleasure.

Featuring a symmetrical tread pattern, the Grandtrek TG32 achieves a perfect balance of long wear life and all-weather capability, ensuring consistent performance in varying conditions.

Its robust construction not only enhances traction but also provides significant stability off-road, making it a versatile choice for drivers seeking the ultimate in vehicle performance and safety.


Enhanced Handling and Comfort

Through its advanced design, the Grandtrek TG32 offers superior handling, ensuring a responsive and comfortable driving experience across a wide range of conditions.

Reduced Noise Levels

Engineered for quiet operation, this tyre significantly reduces road noise, providing a peaceful and enjoyable ride even on long journeys.

All-Weather Performance

With its symmetrical tread pattern, the Grandtrek TG32 delivers reliable performance in all weather conditions, ensuring safety and confidence on the road.

Long-Lasting Wear

Designed for durability, this tyre provides extended wear life, reducing the need for frequent replacements and ensuring excellent value over the life of the tyre



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