Bridgestone Potenza RE070 225/50R16 92W

Precision in Performance Potenza RE070 The Bridgestone Potenza RE070 is an ultra-high performance tyre, designed for the ultimate driving experience in both wet and dry conditions. Offering unmatched grip, it sets the standard for cornering performance and high-speed stability.

SKU: 11002931 Manufacturer: Bridgestone Tread Pattern: Potenza RE070

Precision in Performance

The Bridgestone Potenza RE070, developed as original equipment for iconic vehicles like the Nissan GTR and Subaru WRX STi, epitomises ultra-high performance in the tyre industry. Crafted for sports drivers and high-performance enthusiasts, this tyre delivers an exceptional level of grip, superior cornering performance, and excellent resistance to hydroplaning. Its asymmetric tread design integrates multiple features for comprehensive performance, while the jointless cap ply and reinforced polyester body plies ensure improved uniformity, increased stability, and responsive steering.

The wide circumferential groove and semi-slick pattern provide exceptional traction and ultimate dry grip, making the RE070 a perfect balance of dry and wet performance.

With exceptional braking capabilities and the option for run-flat technology in selected sizes, the Potenza RE070 is designed for safety, handling, and a comfortable ride, offering a driving experience like no other.

Asymmetric Tread Design

Allows for a versatile performance profile, enhancing grip and handling in a variety of conditions, and ensuring balanced performance on both dry and wet roads.

Jointless Cap Ply & Reinforced Polyester Body Plies

These features work together to deliver improved high-speed stability and responsive steering, enhancing the driver's control and the vehicle's handling characteristics.

Wide Circumferential Grooves

Offer excellent wet traction and increased resistance to hydroplaning, ensuring safety and confidence in challenging weather conditions.

Semi-Slick Pattern

Provides the ultimate dry grip, ensuring superb dry handling and exceptional cornering performance, making it ideal for sports driving and high-performance applications.



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