Bridgestone Mud Dueler 671 750R16 114N

Ultimate tyre for off-road enthusiasts Mud Dueler 671 The Bridgestone Mud Dueler 671 tyre is a premium off-road companion for 4x4s and SUVs, offering exceptional traction, durability, and steering responsiveness in the toughest conditions. Designed for unparalleled off-road performance, it ensures a balance of stability and long wear life.

SKU: 28090 Manufacturer: Bridgestone Tread Pattern: Dueler M/T 671

Ultimate tyre for off-road enthusiasts

The Bridgestone Dueler M/T 671 sets the benchmark for 4WD tyres, engineered to tackle the most challenging off-road conditions without compromise. This tyre is specially designed for 4x4s and SUVs that require superior off-road capabilities, featuring an aggressive tread pattern for outstanding traction in mud and rugged terrains.

Its light truck construction enhances puncture resistance, vital for navigating through rough landscapes. With long link carbon for increased wear resistance and reinforced body plies for improved stability and steering response, the Dueler M/T 671 is as robust as it is reliable.

Whether it’s for adventurous off-road journeys or versatile on/off-road activities, this tyre delivers high steering response, excellent mud traction with self-cleaning properties, and a design aimed at prolonging tyre life, making it a top choice for off-road enthusiasts.

Aggressive Tread Pattern

Offers superior off-road traction, ensuring your vehicle maintains grip and control in mud and other challenging conditions.

Light Truck Construction

Increases puncture resistance, providing peace of mind when traversing through tough terrains that could compromise lesser tyres.

Long Link Carbon

Enhances the tyre's wear resistance, contributing to a longer life and reducing the frequency of tyre replacements, thereby offering better value over time.

Reinforced Body Plies

Boosts stability and improves steering response, ensuring precise control and handling in diverse off-road conditions, from rocky paths to muddy trails.



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