Bridgestone Ecopia EP500 155/70R19 84Q

Unprecedented levels of efficiency Ecopia EP500 The Bridgestone Ecopia EP500, featuring Bridgestone's pioneering Ologic technology, revolutionises fuel efficiency and reduces rolling resistance, without compromising on traction. Designed exclusively for models like the BMW i3, this tyre sets new standards in environmental sustainability and performance.

SKU: 11003681 Manufacturer: Bridgestone Tread Pattern: Ecopia EP500

Unprecedented levels of efficiency

The Bridgestone Ecopia EP500 stands at the pinnacle of tyre technology, being the first road tyre to integrate Bridgestone’s advanced Ologic technology. This innovative approach combines a larger tyre diameter with a narrower tread pattern, significantly reducing internal friction and rolling resistance. The EP500 is also equipped with Bridgestone’s Ecopia fuel-saving technology, which minimises energy consumption on the road, leading to improved fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions.

Despite its focus on efficiency, the tyre does not compromise on safety, offering strong braking performance and exceptional handling in both wet and dry conditions.

Developed specifically for the BMW i3 electric vehicle, the Ecopia EP500 delivers an award-winning combination of aerodynamics, performance, and environmental sustainability, making it an exemplary choice for the eco-conscious driver.

Ologic Technology

The tyre's large diameter and narrow tread pattern significantly lower rolling resistance, enhancing fuel efficiency and contributing to a greener planet.

Long Contact Patch

Increases the tyre's grip during braking and acceleration, ensuring safer and more responsive handling in a variety of driving conditions.

Nano Pro-Tech Compound

This advanced compound improves handling in wet conditions, boosting fuel efficiency by reducing energy loss during motion.

Eco-Friendly Performance

By improving fuel consumption and reducing CO2 emissions, the Ecopia EP500 supports environmentally conscious driving without sacrificing performance, offering outstanding wet and dry weather grip.



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