Bridgestone 613V 195R15

For small commercial vans and trucks 613V The Bridgestone 613V tyre is engineered for light commercial vehicles, offering exceptional economy and mileage for city driving. Its design enhances stability, manoeuvrability, and wet braking, ensuring a durable and comfortable ride.

SKU: 19492 Manufacturer: Bridgestone Tread Pattern: 613V

For small commercial vans and trucks

The Bridgestone 613V tyre stands as a pinnacle of performance for small commercial vans and trucks, specifically tailored for the demands of short-haul, city-based transportation. This steel-belted radial ply tyre incorporates a meticulously crafted tread pattern that maximises stability, manoeuvrability, and safety under wet conditions, providing a blend of comfort and durability.

With features aimed at reducing road noise for a smoother ride, improving resistance against impacts for better high-speed performance, and offering superior traction on slippery surfaces, the 613V is designed to improve wear resistance, thereby extending tyre life.

Its economic benefits and exceptional braking capabilities make it an ideal choice for businesses seeking to optimise operational efficiency and safety.

Heavy-Duty Steel Belts

Offers improved resistance against impacts and enhances high-speed performance, making it suitable for the rigours of urban driving.

Jointless Cap Ply

Ensures a smoother ride with lower road noise, contributing to a more comfortable driving experience for drivers and passengers alike.

Wide Groove Tread

Delivers superior traction on wet and greasy roads, increasing safety and confidence under adverse weather conditions.

Reinforced Polyester Body Plies

Increases stability and steering response, ensuring precise control and manoeuvrability for navigating city streets.



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