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K585 Bounty Hunter HT

The Kenda K585 Bounty Hunter HT tyre is built for the rugged Australian landscape, offering a heavy-duty 8-ply rated casing for exceptional load carrying and puncture resistance. It's ideal for ATVs and UTVs navigating hard to intermediate terrains.

The ultimate choice for adventure enthusiasts

The Kenda K585 Bounty Hunter HT is an expertly designed tyre tailored for side-by-side ATVs and UTVs that tackle Australia’s varied and challenging environments, from rocky outcrops to hard-packed surfaces.

Its robust 8-ply rated casing structure not only increases load carrying capacity by up to 225% but also enhances ride quality and handling stability in rough conditions. The tyre features a unique tread pattern that reduces vibration and noise, making it a comfortable choice for lengthy off-road adventures. Additionally, its radical casing and larger tread area footprint provide superior cornering traction compared to bias tyres, ensuring better control and safety during dynamic rides.

Perfectly suited for Australia’s diverse and often harsh landscapes, the Kenda K585 Bounty Hunter HT is the ultimate choice for adventure enthusiasts seeking reliability and performance in their ATV or UTV tyres.

K585 Bounty Hunter HT

Heavy-Duty Casing

The extra tough 8-ply rated casing offers significant puncture resistance and a 225% increase in load capacity, ideal for carrying heavy loads across tough terrains without compromise.

Enhanced Ride Quality

Designed to absorb impacts and smooth out the ride, the K585 improves both comfort and handling, enabling longer, less tiring rides.

Superior Traction

With a larger tread area footprint, this tyre maintains exceptional grip during cornering, providing safety and confidence on hard to intermediate surfaces.

Stability and Control

The innovative tread pattern and rigid casing reduce tyre deflection, enhancing the ATV's ability to steer easily and remain stable even in rocky and rough conditions.

All sizes available for the
Kenda K585 Bounty Hunter HT

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Width 25
Rim 8.00
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No