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Bushmate Hero One

K284 FrontMax

The Kenda K284 FrontMax tyre is specially designed for ATV front use, providing unbeatable tracking and cornering. With its reinforced knobs and puncture-resistant casing, it offers exceptional performance across Australia's rugged terrains.

Kenda White

Trail Command and Contro

The Kenda K284 FrontMax stands out as the first front rib tyre crafted exclusively for ATV applications, setting the standard for front-end stability and control in off-road conditions.

Engineered to handle Australia’s diverse and challenging landscapes, from sandy beaches to rocky outback trails, this tyre features a lightweight yet durable casing with a 2-ply rating that ensures resilience and long-lasting performance. The reinforced knobs enhance tracking and cornering, offering ATV riders confidence in their vehicle’s handling capabilities. Additionally, its puncture-resistant design makes it ideal for tackling harsh environments without the risk of downtime.

Whether paired with the Scorpion rear tyre for a balanced ride or used as a reliable OE replacement, the K284 FrontMax is a top choice for ATV enthusiasts seeking superior front tyre performance.

K284 FrontMax

Exclusive Front Rib Design

Tailored specifically for front ATV use, the K284 FrontMax offers optimal steering and stability, making it a pioneering choice in ATV front tyre technology.

Reinforced Knobs

Each knob on the tyre is reinforced, ensuring enhanced tracking and superior cornering, allowing for precise manoeuvres in diverse terrains.

Puncture-Resistant Casing

Built to withstand tough conditions, the tyre's robust, puncture-resistant casing protects against sharp objects and rough surfaces, ensuring reliable performance and fewer interruptions.

Lightweight Casing with 2 Ply Rating

Despite its rugged construction, the tyre remains lightweight, promoting better fuel efficiency and easier handling, while the 2-ply rating offers an ideal balance of strength and flexibility for off-road riding.

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