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Kenda K404 19×10.50-8

Category: Kenda

Precision, Stability, Endurance

The Kenda K404 sets the standard in the smooth tyre category, designed specifically to prevent surface damage while providing exceptional maneuverability and stability.

Ideal for zero turning radius mowers and go-karts, this tyre features round shoulders and a smooth tread design that allows sharp, clean turns without marking or digging into the surface. Its robust construction includes thick sidewalls that not only offer excellent puncture resistance but also ensure long tread life and consistent performance on both tarmac and purpose-made floors.

With a durometer rating of 63, the K404 provides a strong grip and long-lasting durability, making it one of the toughest tyres in both the mowing and karting industries.

Minimal Ground Damage

The smooth tread design and rounded shoulders allow precise turning without damaging the underlying surface, perfect for delicate flooring and landscaped areas.

Superior Sidewall Stability

Thick sidewalls enhance the tyre's structural integrity, providing exceptional puncture resistance and extending the life of the tyre under rigorous conditions.

Optimal Traction and Longevity

With a durometer rating of 63, the K404 offers a balance of softness and strength, ensuring robust grip and durability on a variety of surfaces.

Versatile Application

This tyre is not only suited for zero turning radius mowers but also excels on go-karts, performing well on tarmac and specialized flooring, making it a versatile choice for both casual and competitive settings.

Brand Kenda
Pattern K404
Width 19
Aspect Ratio
Rim Size 10.50
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No