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Giti GTL919 265/70R19.5

Category: Giti

Long-Haul Reliability with Enhanced Durability

The Giti GTL919 is crafted for the demands of long-distance trailer applications, ensuring both durability and efficiency on Australian roads.

The tyre’s new groove design and extra-wide shoulder not only provide outstanding protection against external damages but also promote very regular wear, extending the tyre’s lifespan. With a dedicated compound formula, the GTL919 reduces fuel consumption, an essential feature for long-haul journeys. Additionally, the new casing construction enhances casing stiffness and improves the tyre’s footprint, which contributes to longer tyre life and stable handling.

The inclusion of additional upper sidewall protection guards against curbing damages, making the GTL919 a reliable choice for extensive road networks and varied driving conditions.

New Generation Pattern and Groove Design

Offers excellent protection in the shoulder area, ensuring even wear and extended tyre life.

Dedicated Compound Formula

Specifically formulated for long-distance usage, it helps in reducing fuel consumption while maximizing mileage.

Enhanced Casing Construction

Improves the overall stiffness and footprint of the tyre, leading to greater durability and a smoother ride.

Additional Sidewall Protection

Provides increased resistance to curbing damage, enhancing the tyre’s resilience in tough driving conditions.

Brand Giti
Pattern GTL919
Width 265
Aspect Ratio 70
Rim Size 19.5
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No