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Giti GSR235 205/85R16

Category: Giti

Light Truck Mastery with Unmatched Durability

The Giti GSR235 is specifically designed to cater to the demands of light commercial trucks, providing an all-position tyre that excels in regional settings. This model features a durable casing and a wear-resistant compound that together offer exceptional mileage and prolonged tyre life. The tyre’s all-steel belt structure enhances casing durability, ensuring the tyre withstands the rigours of daily use.

The innovative diamond shape stone ejector design in the groove bottom not only prevents stone trapping but also increases pattern rigidity and resistance to groove damages. An optimised rib ratio and pattern design ensure regular wear and reduce the risk of irregular wear, making the GSR235 a reliable choice for business operators. Moreover, its safety features include four circumferential grooves with multi-width sipes on the tread, providing excellent water evacuation and superior wet grip performance, crucial for navigating challenging weather conditions.

The Giti GSR235 is an exemplary choice for operators of light commercial trucks looking for a tyre that offers both durability and safety. With its advanced features designed to handle the unique demands of Australian regional roads, this tyre ensures prolonged performance and optimal safety, making it an ideal investment for commercial fleets.



All Steel Belt Structure

Ensures a strong and tough tyre casing that stands up to daily challenges, enhancing overall durability and reliability.

Special Wear-Resistant Compound:

Promotes long-lasting wear resistance, allowing for extended use without frequent replacements, which is cost-effective and efficient for commercial use.

Diamond Shape Stone Ejector

Improves pattern rigidity and protects against groove damages, maintaining the tyre's integrity and performance under various road conditions.

Optimised Rib Ratio and Pattern Design

Delivers even wear across the tyre's surface, reducing the risk of irregular wear patterns and extending the tyre's usable life, ensuring consistent performance.

Brand Giti
Pattern GSR235
Width 205
Aspect Ratio 85
Rim Size 16
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No