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380 I-3

Alliance 380 I-3 750/45R26.5

Category: Alliance

Superior choice for challenging environments

Its high-speed steel-belted radial construction ensures that it can handle high speeds on the road without sacrificing durability or performance. The tire features a deep, non-directional lug pattern designed to provide exceptional traction in the field and smooth, comfortable handling on the road. The special rubber compound and specific casing construction contribute to its robustness, making these heavy-duty tires a superior choice for challenging environments compared to standard models.

Perfect for those seeking a tire that excels in both agricultural applications and road travel, the Alliance 380 I-3 is a versatile, reliable choice for a wide range of heavy-duty tasks.

Flotation charactaristics

Provides full soil protection, flotation tyre characteristics in the field, together with up to 100 km/h transport functionality on the road.

All steel construction

The combined with specific casing construction and specific rubber compounds enables it to operate at speeds up to 100 km/h on the road

Deep non-directional lug pattern

Enables high mobility in the fields including significant tractive ability, as well as, comfortable smooth operation on the roads.

Brand Alliance
Pattern 380 I-3
Width 750
Aspect Ratio 45
Rim Size 26.5
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No