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372 Agriflex

Alliance 372 Agriflex 580/85R42

Category: Alliance

Flex, Traction, Productivity

The Alliance 372 AGRIFLEX R-1W is a cutting-edge agricultural tyre that integrates advanced Improved Flexion (IF) technology to offer unparalleled flexibility in the sidewall. This innovation allows the tyre to carry up to 20% more load at the same pressure than standard tractor radials, dramatically enhancing its load-carrying capability without sacrificing tyre integrity.

The tyre’s significantly larger footprint minimises soil compaction, ensuring a smoother ride and less disruption to the soil structure, critical for maintaining crop health. High traction performance is a given, leading to reduced fuel consumption and increased efficiency in field operations. Additionally, the R-1W tread pattern is meticulously designed for exceptional grip and extended tyre life, even when used on hard surfaces, making it a versatile choice for modern farming needs.

The “AGRIFLEX” designation highlights the tyre’s advanced technology focused on flexibility and efficiency, while “R-1W” refers to the tyre’s tread pattern, optimised for wet traction, making it an ideal solution for a wide range of agricultural activities requiring precision and reliability.

Increased Load Capacity with IF Technology

The Improved Flexion (IF) technology allows the tyre to support up to 20% more weight at the same pressure, enabling farmers to transport heavier loads efficiently.

Larger Footprint for Reduced Soil Compaction

Larger Footprint for Reduced Soil Compaction: Its design offers a larger contact area with the ground, significantly reducing soil compaction, vital for crop health and growth, and ensuring a comfortable ride for the operator.

Enhanced Traction and Fuel Efficiency

The large footprint and advanced tread design provide exceptional traction, which in turn reduces fuel consumption and improves operational productivity in the field.

Long Tyre Life and Versatility

The R-1W pattern ensures excellent durability and grip on a variety of surfaces, extending tyre life and providing reliable performance both in the field and on hard roads.

Brand Alliance
Pattern 372 Agriflex
Width 580
Aspect Ratio 85
Rim Size 42
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No