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372 Agriflex+

Alliance 372 Agriflex+ 520/85R38 20.8R38

Category: Alliance

Power, Performance, and Comfort in Every Ride.

The Alliance 372 Agriflex+ stands as a testament to cutting-edge tire design, providing superior load-bearing capacity without compromising the comfort of the ride. With its advanced Improved Flexion (IF) and Very Improved Flexion (VF) designs, this tire offers up to 20% and 40% increased load capacity respectively, at the same pressure as a standard tractor radial. The increased sidewall flexibility not only allows for greater weight handling, but also ensures a larger footprint, leading to lower soil compaction. Experience the blend of innovation and efficiency with Agriflex+.

Very Improved Flexion (VF) Design

The VF design of the Alliance 372 Agriflex+ offers an unrivaled increase in load capacity. It can carry up to 40% more at the same pressure compared to a standard tractor radial, a testament to its advanced engineering and superior performance.

Improved Flexion (IF) Design

Our advanced IF design enhances the tire's sidewall flexibility, enabling the Agriflex+ 372 to carry up to 20% more load at the same pressure. It's a perfect balance of strength and flexibility, optimally designed for efficiency and longevity.

Large Footprint

The Agriflex+ 372 is designed to provide a significantly larger footprint. This leads to reduced soil compaction, preserving the integrity of your fields while enhancing the tire's grip and stability, ensuring a smoother and safer ride.

Driver Comfort

Despite its impressive load-bearing capabilities, the Alliance 372 Agriflex+ doesn't compromise on driver comfort. Its increased sidewall flexibility not only increases load capacity but also absorbs shocks better, ensuring a smoother and more comfortable ride, even in challenging terrains.

Brand Alliance
Pattern 372 Agriflex+
Width 520
Aspect Ratio 85
Rim Size 38
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No