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360 Agro Forestry

Alliance 360 Agro Forestry 620/75R26 23.1R26

Category: Alliance

Toughness and Unmatched Traction

The Alliance 360 Agro Forestry R-1 Reinforced Drive is a meticulously designed tyre that bridges the gap between agricultural prowess and forestry durability. It’s engineered to support a wide range of equipment, embodying a steel-belted bias variant design that provides not just excellent traction, but also superior puncture protection, low soil compaction, and self-cleaning capabilities.

Key construction features include:

  • Strong nylon casing
  • Steel breakers
  • High undertread
  • Sidewall gauges
  • Special tread rubber compound
  • Protective mudguard for enhanced durability.

The tyre’s reinforced sidewalls are bolstered with additional rubber and textile layers, ensuring exceptional stability and resilience during the most demanding forestry operations. With its specialised forestry compounds and robust sidewall construction, the Alliance 360 Agro Forestry tyre is equipped to tackle severe working conditions in the forest, safeguarded by steel belt layers for puncture resistance.

The R-1W designation signifies its suitability for a range of light forestry and agro-industrial operations, with low lug angles to enhance traction, ensuring smooth and reliable performance across diverse environments.

Steel-Belted Bias Design

Offers exceptional traction, puncture protection, and self-cleaning properties, making it ideal for challenging agricultural and forestry tasks.

Reinforced Sidewalls

The addition of rubber and textile layers to the sidewalls provides outstanding stability and durability, especially in rigorous forestry applications.

Specialised Forestry Compounds

Tailored for forestry use, these compounds along with a tough sidewall construction enhance the tyre's resistance to wear and tear in harsh conditions.

Enhanced Puncture Protection

Steel belt layers under the tyre safeguard against punctures under severe forestry working conditions, ensuring reliability and extended service life.

Brand Alliance
Pattern 360 Agro Forestry
Width 620
Aspect Ratio 75
Rim Size 26
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No