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356 R-1

Alliance 356 R-1 13.6-28

Category: Alliance

Power, Traction, Durability

Designed specifically for the rigorous demands of forestry and heavy-duty agricultural operations, the 356 R-1 tire stands out with its exceptional design features tailored for high-power tractors. This tire incorporates a strong nylon casing and high under tread gauge to withstand rough terrains and impacts, while the thick sidewalls and special tread compound enhance durability and resistance against abrasions and cuts.

The protective mud guard feature ensures the tire remains clean, optimizing traction in muddy and wet conditions. Its innovative construction results in low slip rates and reduced fuel consumption, making it an economical choice for extensive use. With a focus on high traction abilities, especially on cohesive and wet soil, and a design that promises long tire life even under heavy working conditions, the 356 R-1 is the ideal tire for those seeking reliability, efficiency, and performance in their forestry and agricultural endeavors.

The “R-1” designation indicates the tire’s suitability for agricultural applications, particularly where deep traction in soft soil is a necessity. This classification underscores the tire’s ability to provide exceptional grip and performance in both dry and wet agricultural settings, making it a versatile choice for high-power tractor operations in both forestry and agriculture.

Strong Nylon Casing and High Under Tread Gauge

These features provide the tire with the structural integrity needed to withstand harsh working environments, ensuring durability and a longer lifespan.

Thick Sidewalls and Special Tread Compound

The robust sidewalls and carefully formulated tread compound offer resistance against cuts and abrasions, further enhancing the tire's longevity and reliability in demanding situations.

Protective Mud Guard

This innovative feature helps to maintain the tire's cleanliness and efficiency by preventing mud accumulation, ensuring consistent traction in wet and muddy conditions.

High Traction and Fuel Efficiency

With a high non-skid depth and design focused on low slip, the 356 R-1 tire guarantees superior traction forces on various terrains, alongside reduced fuel consumption for more economical operations.

Brand Alliance
Pattern 356 R-1
Width 13.6
Aspect Ratio
Rim Size 28
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No