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354 Agriflex+

Alliance 354 Agriflex+ 480/95R50

Category: Alliance

Efficiency, Enhanced

The 354 AGRIFLEX+ R-1, embodying the pinnacle of Very Improved Flexion (VF) technology, sets a new standard for radial tractor tires. Designed to carry the same load as standard radial tires but at lower pressure, or up to 40% more load at the same pressure, it marries the strength and resilience of Alliance’s R-1 radial tractor tires with revolutionary advancements.

This tire allows for reduced inflation pressure without compromising load capacity, offering a gentle footprint on the soil. Its robust lugs and enhanced lug shape not only provide outstanding traction and excellent self-cleaning characteristics but also ensure a quiet and comfortable ride on roads. With a significant reduction in fuel costs and an increase in overall productivity, the Agriflex+ 354 stands out by offering high puncture protection and uniform ground pressure distribution, courtesy of its steel belts, thereby safeguarding crops and ensuring sustainable farming practices.

The “R-1” designation refers to the tire’s suitability for wet and muddy conditions, making it an ideal choice for row crop farming. With its ability to perform under lower pressure for the same load or carry more weight without increasing pressure, the 354 AGRIFLEX+ R-1W tire represents a leap forward in agricultural tire technology, enhancing both productivity and sustainability on the farm.

Very Improved Flexion (VF) Technology

Allows the tire to carry the same load as standard tires at lower pressures or up to 40% more load at the same pressure, optimizing performance and reducing soil compaction.

Enhanced Traction and Self-Cleaning

Strong lugs and a unique lug shape provide exceptional traction and self-cleaning capabilities, ensuring consistent performance in all soil conditions.

Reduced Fuel Costs

The tire’s design and efficiency contribute to lower fuel consumption, translating into cost savings and a reduced environmental footprint.

Exceptional Durability and Comfort

Designed with steel belts for puncture protection and uniform ground pressure distribution, it ensures durability and comfort, reducing noise levels significantly during road travel.

Brand Alliance
Pattern 354 Agriflex+
Width 480
Aspect Ratio 95
Rim Size 50
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No