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350 R-1

Alliance 350 R-1 300/95R52 12.4R52

Category: Alliance

Precision Farming

Designed specifically for the demands of modern agriculture, the Alliance 350 R-1 tire embodies the pinnacle of tire technology for row crop farming. This special line of radial narrow tires excels in various agricultural operations, including cultivation, harvesting, and spraying.

Its unique construction features round shoulders that minimize soil compaction and crop damage, promoting healthier crop growth and yield. The tire’s tough casing and rigid belt deliver the full benefits of radial construction, such as improved traction, fuel efficiency, and tire longevity. Primarily used as a front wheel in Row Crop applications, the Alliance 350 R-1 ensures precise control and reduced operational costs, making it an essential component for farmers seeking to maximize efficiency and productivity.

The “R-1” designation indicates the tire’s specialty in agricultural applications, particularly designed for field and crop areas where minimal soil disturbance and crop protection are crucial. This classification highlights the tire’s capability to perform efficiently on soft ground conditions, ensuring farmers can achieve optimal productivity with every use.

Radial Construction

he radial design provides enhanced traction and fuel efficiency, reducing the overall operational costs and improving the tire's lifespan.

Round Shoulders for Protection

pecifically designed round shoulders minimize damage to crops and soil compaction, leading to healthier crops and higher yields.

Tough Casing and Rigid Belt

Ensures durability and stability, even under heavy loads and high stress, ensuring reliable performance throughout various agricultural tasks.

Optimized for Row Crop Applications

Ideal for use as a front wheel in row crop farming, offering precise control and maneuverability to navigate between rows without harming plants.

Brand Alliance
Pattern 350 R-1
Width 300
Aspect Ratio 95
Rim Size 52
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No