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304 R-1 Tractor Drive

Alliance 304 R-1 Tractor Drive 12.4-38

Category: Alliance

Grip, Glide, Conquer

The Alliance 304 R-1 Tractor Drive tire embodies the pinnacle of agricultural tire technology, designed specifically for rear tractor applications. It features knife-like lugs for deep ground penetration, ensuring optimal traction in various soil conditions. The tire’s double-angle lug design, coupled with wide spacing, enhances its self-cleaning capabilities, allowing for uninterrupted performance in muddy or wet soils.

Its construction is based on a 45-degree angle bar with center studs, which not only offers improved resistance to side slippage but also facilitates continuous rolling, crucial for maintaining momentum in demanding agricultural tasks. Recommended for hillside operations and equipped to handle short road drives, this tire boasts a strong nylon carcass that protects against mechanical damage and deterioration due to moisture, ensuring durability and reliability in the field.

The “R-1” classification signifies that the Alliance 304 tire is specifically designed for rear tractor use, focusing on providing the best traction in soft, agricultural soils. Its construction and design features make it an essential tool for farmers seeking to maximize efficiency and safety in their fieldwork.

Deep Penetration Lugs

Knife-like lugs designed for deeper soil penetration provide exceptional traction, crucial for efficient plowing, tilling, and other agricultural operations.

Efficient Self-Cleaning

The wide space between the double-angle lugs facilitates outstanding self-cleaning, keeping the tire free of mud and debris for continuous operation.

Enhanced Side-Slip Resistance

The 45-degree angle bar design with center studs significantly reduces side slippage, ensuring stability and safety on slopes and during turns.

Durability and Versatility:

A strong nylon carcass enhances the tire's resistance to mechanical failures and moisture deterioration, making it suitable for various environments, from wet soils to hillside operations and occasional road use.

Designed for hills

Recommended for hillside operations and for occasional short drives on road.

Brand Alliance
Pattern 304 R-1 Tractor Drive
Width 12.4
Aspect Ratio
Rim Size 38
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No