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Advance LB-033 400-8

Category: Advance

Stability with Economy

The Advance LB033 is a premium bias industrial forklift tyre, specifically crafted to meet the demands of medium-duty forklift service. As an economic alternative, it does not compromise on performance, providing solid traction and exceptional stability under various conditions. The tyre is designed for enhanced surface contact, ensuring smooth operation and increased safety for industrial applications.

With a reinforced tread area and sidewall, the LB033 stands up to damage, punctures, chips, and tears, making it a durable choice for businesses looking to maximize efficiency and reduce operational costs in their forklift fleet.


Economic Efficiency

Offers a cost-effective tyre solution without sacrificing quality, providing solid traction and stability for medium forklift service.

Enhanced Surface Contact

Engineered for good surface contact, ensuring improved stability and safety during operation in industrial environments.

Reinforced Durability

Features a reinforced tread area and sidewall designed to resist damage, punctures, chips, and tears, extending the tyre's life and reliability.

Stability and Safety

The design and construction of the tyre ensure strong surface contact and stability, providing a safer and more controlled handling experience for forklift operators.

Brand Advance
Pattern LB-033
Width 400
Aspect Ratio
Rim Size 8
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No