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Advance L-4SA 18.00-25

Category: Advance

Master the Toughest Terrain

The Advance L-4S is a Bias OTR L-4S Loader/Dozer Smooth Tread Tyre crafted for extreme conditions where shoulder lug tearing and severe tyre damage are common. With its superior tyre design, it features a massive tread that provides the ultimate resistance against rock penetration and damage.

Perfectly suited for severe roads encountered in underground tunnels and mining operations, the L-4S is specifically engineered to withstand impacts and cuts. Its special tread compound and smooth, deep tread design deliver exceptional cut and wear resistance, significantly extending tyre service life.

The high-performance 66-nylon reinforcing material enhances impact resistance, puncture resistance, and dimensional stability, making it an ideal choice for challenging applications.

Massive Tread Design

Offers exceptional resistance to rock damage and penetration, ideal for severe rocky conditions.

Impact and Cut Protection

Specifically engineered to withstand harsh impacts and prevent cuts, enhancing durability in extreme environments.

Special Tread Compound

Utilises a smooth deep tread design that provides superior cut and wear resistance, effectively improving tyre lifespan.

High-Performance Materials

Made with 66-nylon reinforcing material for outstanding impact resistance, puncture resistance, and stable performance under heavy loads.

Brand Advance
Pattern L-4S
Width 18
Aspect Ratio
Rim Size 25
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No