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Advance GLS01 H2 12.00R24

Category: Advance

Reliable Strength, Superior Durability

The Advance GLS01 L-5 S tyre is engineered specifically for extreme industrial conditions, where the risk of tyre damage is high due to sharp debris and rough usage. This tyre features a special tread compound that offers excellent resistance to punctures and tearing, ideal for environments like construction sites and mining operations.

With its extra deep tread and special compound, it provides a longer service life and enhanced durability. The optimised shoulder design and robust sidewall compound ensure it performs reliably under the heavy loads and harsh conditions typical of industrial applications.

Whether navigating through construction debris or handling heavy-duty machinery, the GLS01 L-5 S delivers consistent performance and improved operational efficiency.

Enhanced Puncture Resistance

Specialised tread compound and extra deep tread design increase the tyre's resistance to punctures and tears, essential for maintaining functionality in industrial settings.

Extended Tread Life

The tyre's robust compound and deep tread pattern are designed to endure long hours of operation, ensuring extended service life and reducing replacement frequency.

Increased Casing Durability

Built with a tough sidewall compound and reinforced structure, the GLS01 L-5 S withstands the rigours of heavy industrial use, enhancing the tyre's overall durability.

Optimised for Tough Terrain

The optimised shoulder design improves the tyre’s stability and performance on uneven industrial terrains, providing reliable traction and handling.

Brand Advance
Pattern GLS01
Width 12
Aspect Ratio
Rim Size 24
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No