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Advance GLR18 37.25R35

Category: Advance

Special rock pattern

Crafted for rugged environments, the Advance GLR18 radial OTR E-3 tyre is engineered to conquer tough, uneven surfaces where strong grip and stability are paramount.

The tyre’s specialised rock tread pattern ensures reliable performance on soft and muddy grounds, enhanced by its self-cleaning features that prevent debris build-up. With a reinforced carcass and robust sidewalls, the GLR18 offers excellent puncture resistance, ideal for navigating harsh terrains.

Additionally, its extra deep tread and advanced rubber compound contribute to extended tyre life, promising higher mileage and reduced wear.

Rock Tread Pattern

Provides exceptional grip and stability on soft and muddy surfaces, ensuring reliable performance in tough conditions.

Self-Cleaning Design

Helps maintain effective traction by clearing mud and debris from the tread, essential for continuous operation on challenging terrains.

Reinforced Carcass and Sidewalls

Offers increased puncture resistance, safeguarding against the rough elements encountered in off-road conditions.

Extended Tyre Life

Thanks to its extra deep tread and specialised rubber compound, the GLR18 achieves higher mileage, making it a cost-effective solution for heavy-duty applications.

Brand Advance
Pattern GLR18
Width 37.25
Aspect Ratio
Rim Size 35
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No