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Advance GLR08 29.5R25

Category: Advance

Reinforced carcass & extra deep tread

The Advance GLR08 is engineered for optimal performance under the toughest conditions, making it a top choice for demanding surfaces.

This tyre’s directional tread design provides outstanding grip and traction, while its wide footprint ensures superior stability and handling. The optimised tyre shoulder and specially formulated sidewall compound contribute to excellent driving behaviour, even in adverse conditions.

A reinforced carcass and an extra deep tread profile combine to offer high mileage and durability, making the GLR08 a reliable and cost-effective solution for loaders and dozers operating in abrasive environments.

Directional Tread Design:

Delivers superior grip and traction, enhancing performance across a variety of surfaces, essential for navigating the diverse Australian terrain.

Optimised Tyre Shoulder

Engineered for improved stability and control, ensuring excellent operational performance even in the worst conditions.

Reinforced Carcass and Deep Tread

Provides increased durability and longevity, allowing for extended use even on very demanding surfaces, ensuring high mileage.

Special Sidewall Compound

Offers enhanced protection against cuts and punctures, increasing the tyre's resilience and reducing downtime due to tyre damage.

Brand Advance
Pattern GLR08
Width 29.5
Aspect Ratio
Rim Size 25
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No