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Advance GL868A 11R22.5

Category: Advance

Durability Meets Efficiency

The Advance GL868A tyre stands as a pinnacle of innovation in tyre technology, designed specifically for those who demand durability without compromise. This tyre features self-cleaning grooves paired with an extra deep undertread, providing outstanding self-cleaning abilities and exceptional puncture resistance, essential for navigating challenging terrains. The optimised groove shape significantly improves rain dispersion and wet grip performance, ensuring a safe and stable ride in adverse weather conditions. With its extra deep pattern, the tyre not only promises a long service life but also exceptional tread wear resistance, allowing for extended periods between replacements.

The robust sidewall design offers superior protection against scrapes, enhancing sidewall durability and ensuring the tyre’s longevity. Furthermore, the low rolling resistance design of the tyre contributes to reduced fuel consumption and lower running costs, marking it as an economical choice for savvy drivers. Additionally, the patented superstrong bead design not only increases the carrying capacity but also offers remarkable resistance to blowouts, providing peace of mind and reliability in demanding situations.


Self-Cleaning Grooves and Deep Undertread

This innovative design ensures the tyre maintains optimal performance by preventing mud and debris build-up, coupled with superior puncture resistance for enhanced safety.

Optimised Groove Shape for Wet Performance

The carefully designed grooves enhance rain dispersion and improve grip on wet surfaces, ensuring stability and safety in challenging weather conditions.

Extended Service Life

The extra deep tread pattern extends the tyre's life, offering great value through reduced need for frequent replacements and maintaining performance over time.

Low Rolling Resistance

This feature reduces fuel consumption, making the tyre an economically smart choice that contributes to lower operating costs without sacrificing performance.

Enhanced Sidewall Protection and Superstrong Bead Design

The thick sidewall and patented bead design protect against external damage and blowouts, increasing durability and load-carrying capacity for a worry-free driving experience.

Brand Advance
Pattern GL868A
Width 11
Aspect Ratio
Rim Size 22.5
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No