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Advance E-7 18.00-25

Category: Advance

Master of Desert Roads

The Advance E-7 tire excels in desert and soft road conditions, offering exceptional grip and flotation. Its specialized design ensures reliable performance for engineering and road sealing vehicles.

Flotation Pattern

The E-7's flotation pattern design ensures outstanding grip and flotation, making it perfect for navigating challenging desert terrains and soft roads.

Engineering Specialization

Specially crafted for engineering vehicles, the E-7 tire provides enhanced durability and performance in road construction and sealing tasks.

Round Tread Design

Its round tread shoulder design enhances cross-country capacity, offering smooth and stable rides in varied off-road conditions.

Sand Road Excellence

Expertly designed for sand and sealing roads, the E-7 tire delivers unparalleled performance in harsh and challenging environments.

Brand Advance
Pattern E-7
Width 18
Aspect Ratio
Rim Size 25
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No