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Argonite RV-4T

Argonite RV-4T: Ideal trailer tyre for low-loaders, caravans, and more. Designed for trailers with FRT designation, dual load rated.

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Trailer perfection: Argonite RV-4T

The Argonite RV-4T is a modern range of trailer tyres that is perfect for non-driven wheels such as those of low-loaders, caravans, livestock and delivery trailers. This range has been specifically designed, developed and tested for trailers and every size carries the FRT (Free Rolling Tyre) designation. Most sizes are dual load rated as well.

Argonite RV-4T

Increased protection against damage and kerbing

Optimised sidewall protector design extends the life of the tyre by protecting the casing from kerbing and other sidewall damages.

Excellent load carrying capacity on single, double and multiple axle trailers

Reinforced construction and optimised inflated shape ensures loads are carried evenly across the footprint.

Great directional stability and aquaplaning resistance

Sinusoidal pattern with wide circumferential grooves and lateral open shoulder grooves give directional stability and efficient water clearance.

All sizes available for the
Radar Argonite RV-4T

Not sure what size Radar Argonite RV-4T tyre you need? Search by vehicle, or contact us.

Size 165R13 94R
Width 165
Rim 13
Load Index 94
Speed Index R
Run Flat No
Size 155R13 91N
Width 155
Rim 13
Load Index 91
Speed Index N
Run Flat No