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Argonite RV-4

Argonite RV-4: High-mileage van tyre for medium to large commercial vehicles. Superior stability, load capacity and aquaplaning resistance.

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Max mileage, top performance

The Argonite RV-4 is a state of the art, high mileage van tyre. This range has been designed for medium to large light commercial vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes. It offers excellent mileage, stability, high load carrying capability, aquaplaning resistance and low noise emission. This range features robust sidewall protectors that have been designed to cope with kerbing damage and protect the carcass. Available in speed ratings up to H (210km/h), this range offers a good combination of value and performance.

Argonite RV-4

Enhanced durability, stability and handling

Reinforced and robust construction enables confident handling at highway speeds and easy manoeuvrability at low speeds.

Superior casing and sidewall protection from kerbing and sidewall impact

Optimised sidewall protector design extends the life of the tyre by protecting the casing from kerbing and other sidewall damage.

High mileage and longevity

A combination of an exceptionally long wearing tread compound, robust construction and class-beating pattern depth ensures good mileage.

All sizes available for the
Radar Argonite RV-4

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Size 155R12 88R
Width 155
Rim 12
Load Index 88
Speed Index R
Run Flat No