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Goodyear Tg2

Optilife 2

The Goodyear Optilife 2 tyre leverages innovative TredLife Technology to offer extended mileage and superior handling. Engineered for more even tread wear and outstanding grip on both wet and dry roads, this tyre ensures confident and efficient driving across Australian landscapes.

Goodyear White

Drive longer, grip better with Optilife 2

The Goodyear Optilife 2 is meticulously designed to elevate your driving experience by providing remarkable mileage and enhanced road handling. Featuring a special tread compound and equalised pressure distribution across the tyre’s footprint, it ensures uniform wear and longevity. This tyre not only improves grip on varying road conditions but also boosts handling performance, allowing for a secure and responsive drive.

The advanced construction of the Optilife 2 also enhances fuel efficiency, making it an economical choice for conscientious drivers. Whether navigating the bustling city streets or cruising on country roads, the Goodyear Optilife 2 offers reliability and performance you can trust.

The Goodyear Optilife 2 is an ideal choice for Australian drivers seeking a durable tyre that does not compromise on performance or efficiency. Designed with both the daily commute and longer journeys in mind.

Optilife 2

TredLife Technology

Extends the life of the tyre through even tread wear, ensuring long-term performance and value.

Special Tread Compound

Provides balanced pressure distribution, significantly enhancing the tyre's lifespan and mileage.

Enhanced Grip

Delivers robust traction on both wet and dry surfaces, empowering drivers with confidence under various weather conditions.

Fuel Efficiency

The improved tyre construction reduces rolling resistance, which in turn enhances fuel economy, benefiting both your wallet and the environment.

All sizes available for the
Goodyear Optilife 2

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Width 175
Profile 65
Rim 14
Load Index 82
Speed Index H
Run Flat No