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Goodyear Tg2


The Goodyear Excellence tyre merges cutting-edge technology with luxury, designed in collaboration with top car manufacturers for an unparalleled driving experience. It incorporates 3Zone Technology to offer security, control, and comfort across different tread zones.

Goodyear White

Redefining Tyre Excellence

The Goodyear Excellence represents the pinnacle of tyre innovation, tailored for drivers who demand luxury and performance in one package. This premium tyre, crafted in partnership with the world’s leading car manufacturers, provides a ride that’s both luxurious and secure. Its 3Zone Technology divides the tread into separate areas, each optimised for exceptional handling, stability, and comfort.

A silica-enhanced compound enhances braking, cornering, and fuel efficiency in all conditions, while the asymmetric tread design ensures superior cornering and straight-line stability, alongside excellent wet-weather performance.

The Goodyear Excellence is the tyre of choice for luxury car drivers seeking a blend of sophistication and performance, promising low noise levels, improved grip, and durability across a wide range of models from BMW to Toyota.


3 Zone Technology

Delivers a bespoke driving experience by enhancing security, control, and comfort, ensuring optimal performance across different parts of the tyre.

Silica Compound

Offers superior braking and handling in both wet and dry conditions. This advanced compound also reduces rolling resistance, which can lead to better fuel economy and a reduced environmental footprint.

Asymmetric Tread Design

A sophisticated tread pattern that improves cornering capabilities while maintaining excellent stability at high speeds, along with efficient water dispersion to prevent hydroplaning.

Noise Reduction Features

The Excellence tyre is designed to minimize both internal and external noise levels, ensuring a quieter, more comfortable ride without compromising on handling or performance.

All sizes available for the
Goodyear Excellence

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Width 195
Profile 65
Rim 15
Load Index 91
Speed Index H
Run Flat No