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Goodyear Tg2

Eagle GT3

The Goodyear Eagle GT3 tyre is a versatile performer designed for daily driving, blending low-noise comfort with advanced Bubble Blade Technology for superior traction and braking.

Goodyear White

Stylish everyday tyre

The Goodyear Eagle GT3 stands out as a stylish, everyday tyre engineered to meet the diverse needs of daily driving in Australia’s challenging conditions. Featuring revolutionary Bubble Blade Technology, this tyre significantly enhances traction and braking capabilities without sacrificing handling. Its design incorporates circumferential grooves that effectively resist aquaplaning in wet conditions, ensuring a safer driving experience.

Additionally, the GT3’s low noise generation pattern not only contributes to a more comfortable ride but also provides good stability, making it well-suited to cope with the varied and arduous Australian landscapes.

Whether navigating city streets or rural roads, the Goodyear Eagle GT3 delivers performance, comfort, and safety, making every journey enjoyable.

Eagle GT3

Bubble Blade Technology

Innovatively increases traction and braking performance, offering drivers enhanced safety and control in a variety of driving conditions, without compromising on handling.

Aquaplaning Resistance

Circumferential grooves are designed to effectively channel water away from the tyre, reducing the risk of aquaplaning and improving wet weather performance.

Low Noise Design

Features a pattern that minimizes noise generation, providing a quieter, more comfortable ride, perfect for daily use in urban and rural settings.

Adaptability to Arduous Conditions

Engineered to deliver good stability, the GT3 thrives in Australia's diverse and challenging driving environments, ensuring reliability and confidence on the road.

All sizes available for the
Goodyear Eagle GT3

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Width 175
Profile 65
Rim 15
Load Index 84
Speed Index T
Run Flat No