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Goodyear Tg2

Eagle F1 Sport

The Goodyear Eagle F1 Sport tyre elevates driving excitement with superior handling and quiet performance. Its innovative tread design and braking technology ensure safety and comfort in all conditions.

Goodyear White

Drive without compromise

The Goodyear Eagle F1 Sport represents the pinnacle of performance tyres, engineered for drivers who demand excitement and precision in every journey. Featuring the exclusive Eagle Claw Grip tread pattern, this tyre offers unparalleled handling and responsiveness, particularly during high-speed cornering. Its Dynamic Braking Technology enhances the contact surface and grip, significantly reducing braking distances in both wet and dry conditions. Additionally, the tyre’s closed tread pattern and a specialised noise dampening layer work together to minimise road noise, providing a remarkably quiet and comfortable ride.

Whether navigating tight turns or braking sharply, the Goodyear Eagle F1 Sport delivers an exceptional balance of performance, safety, and driving pleasure, making it the ideal choice for enthusiasts seeking the thrill of the drive without compromise.

Eagle F1 Sport

Eagle Claw Grip Tread Pattern

Offers precise and responsive handling during cornering, allowing for an exhilarating yet controlled driving experience.

Dynamic Braking Technology

Increases the contact surface and grip, delivering shorter braking distances on wet and dry roads for enhanced safety.

Quiet Performance

A closed tread pattern combined with a noise dampening layer significantly reduces tyre noise, ensuring a quiet and comfortable ride.

Active Control Technology

Provides outstanding stability and optimised steering response, enabling drivers to enjoy superior control at high speeds and during aggressive maneuvers.

All sizes available for the
Goodyear Eagle F1 Sport

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Width 245
Profile 35
Rim 19
Load Index 93
Speed Index Y
Run Flat No