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What makes your car go out of alignment

Wheel alignment

Understanding what makes your car go out of alignment can help you to avoid the hazards and kinds of driving that cost you money.

1. Sudden jolts can put your wheels out of alignment immediately

The most common jolts come from hitting potholes and gutters or running into concrete parking stalls. If this happens, you should definitely have your vehicle checked. Given the direct impact it can have on your finances, it’s better to the alignment checked, even if you’re uncertain.

2. Wear and tear in your vehicle’s front end and suspension

Worn parts shift over time and this can have an impact on your wheel alignment. Even a seemingly minor front-end accident can knock your wheels out of alignment. Having a regular alignment check will alert you to issues before they turn into major problems.

If you are replacing part of your steering assembly or suspension, or doing modifications like lowering the suspension, you will need to have an alignment. You may also need aftermarket components added in order to complete the alignment safely. Most good mechanics include this in the job.

3. Regular tyre wear and tear from everyday driving

The diameter of your tyre can also have an effect on your alignment. As your tyres wear from normal use, the size changes slightly. When they change, so does your alignment.

This is why it’s important to have regular alignment checks. Tyreright recommends you have a check every 10,000 kilometres or twice a year, to prevent larger problems from occurring.

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Posted 19/04/2023