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For those of us who enjoy getting the most out of the driving experience, there’s no end to the adjustments and customisations we can make to our vehicles. Chasing that elusive incremental improvement that adds to the excitement of being behind the wheel is a satisfying but neverending project.

One of the biggest factors that can make or break your driving experience is the tyres you choose to keep you grounded even as you push the limits of performance. The right tyre will help you hold a line perfectly, will give you confidence in your stopping distance, and will mean you get the right kind of response and feedback from the road.

As cars themselves are getting more complex and capable of optimising their performance in different conditions, the demands they are making on the tyres that support them are more complex as well. This means that performance tyres can be found on almost every vehicle category in production. If it exists, there’s a performance version of it somewhere, whether it’s a hot hatch, a big-block sedan, or a performance SUV.

In order to get the optimal performance on the road for their performance vehicles, car manufacturers work closely with tyre manufacturers to produce tyres that are specifically designed not only for the vehicle but for the climate and conditions where the vehicle will be operated.

This means every aspect of the tyre is carefully considered, the case structure, the tread pattern, the rubber compounds, everything is factored in. As such, performance tyres will typically have a lower Durability rating than more generally all-purpose tyres, but they’ll also have higher Handling and Wet-Weather Handling ratings.

Getting the right performance out of a set of tyres can mean different things to different drivers, and on different vehicles. No matter what you’re specifically looking for, Tyreright has a tyre that is right for your needs. With the biggest range of brands, and our price guarantee to support us, you can be confident that you’ll make the right choice at Tyreright.

If you need to talk through the details of what you’re looking for our friendly experts are ready on the phone at 1300 454 195.

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Posted 19/04/2023