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Low Cost tyre options

Low-cost tyres

Low Cost tyre options

It’s not going to surprise anyone that one of the most common phrases searched when people are looking for new tyres is “cheap tyres” and given that most tyre purchases are made under time and budget stress, it makes sense that people would be looking for a bargain.

Just like any other product, there are some tyre brands that carry a certain sense of prestige and value along with their logo, but it’s important when you’re hunting for a bargain to not go too far in the other direction when it comes to tyres.

This is because the cheapest tyre isn’t necessarily the lowest-costing tyre over its lifetime of use.

Tyres are complicated pieces of equipment made from especially combined materials including natural and synthetic rubber compounds, steel belts and more. The exact combination of materials and the manufacturing process will vary slightly, but importantly depending on the conditions the tyre is being made to operate in.

For example, tyres made to suit hotter countries like Australia will often have slight but significant differences to tyres made for colder countries. This is also true for other factors like the type of road surfaces you drive on (for example, bitumen or concrete) and so on.

When it comes to cheap tyres, one of the most common ways to reduce the price is to simply sell overrun stock produced for conditions that are different to those experienced in Australia. This can result in tyres that wear out faster, don’t handle as well, and may have other complications with its operation.

In essence, we have to deal with the reality that all tyres are not created equally. Budget tyres may have deliberate sacrifices made in their performance in order to meet a particular price point. This could, in turn, impact on their stopping distances and handling performance. This can be further complicated by grey (or parallel) imports that can include big brand name tyres that are manufactured for different conditions than are needed in Australia.

Ultimately, when you’re trying to find a bargain tyre what you really need is not the cheapest tyre, but the tyre that offers the best value. When it comes to the best value tyres what you’re looking for is a combination of cheap price, reliable handling, good fuel efficiency, and great durability.

In other words, you want a tyre that is affordable, reliable, and that will last well. The great news is that these are readily available if you know what to look for!

At Tyreright, we only stock tyres that come from official importers, and so are suited to Australian requirements and regulations. All our tyres are backed by manufacturer warranties and are fully supported. So you can buy from us with peace of mind.

Our friendly experts are ready to chat over the phone, or in our stores to answer your questions and to help find you the right tyre for your needs. This includes finding the tyre that will provide you the best overall value, while still being able to do the job you need it to do.

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Posted 19/04/2023