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Squeaking Tyres

Listen out – are your tyres squeaking or squealing?

Shhhh – have you listened to your car lately? Often if the radio is blasting, your windows are up or if your car is often full of chatty passengers, you can easily drown out any sounds your car makes.

But this can be risky. A lot can be learnt by taking the time to listen to your car. If you drown out your vehicle’s sounds, you might be missing out on some key indicators about its health – therefore your own safety, as well as that of others on the road.

Next time you head out for a drive, wind your window down, keep the radio off and see if you can hear anything. If nothing sounds unusual, you might be in the clear for now, but keep an ear out for the future!

Squeals, squeaks and thuds, what causes the noises

Are your car tyres or wheels making any unusual noises? Perhaps they squeak when you brake, turn a corner, speed up, or maybe it’s constant.

Squeaks can signal a few issues and you definitely shouldn’t ignore it, as problems with your tyres can be dangerous. Unfortunately, in many cases, your tyre will need replacing. Safety always comes first, so make sure that you get help from a professional. Here are some reasons, though, why things might be getting a little squeaky.

Why could your tyres be squeaking?

First of all, take a look at all of your tyres and see if there are any obvious problems. It could be all of your tyres, or it could be one or two.

There could be problems with the general wear and tear of your tyres. In some cases, a puncture, a knock, age or rough driving conditions will write them off. Give your vehicle a quick check-over regularly to see if there’s any damage.

Another problem might be that your tyre tread has become too low. This can cause squeals and thudding sounds, so don’t delay that trip to the garage if you hear these.

In addition, your tyres might have issues with their pressure. If a tyre looks deflated, fill it up to the correct level. However sometimes tyres at a reduced pressure can look normal, so always check anyway. If there is a puncture or damage to the tyre, it will deflate again over time and it’ll be time for a replacement.

Strange noises coming from your tyres may also signal that these or your wheels are out of alignment.

You may notice this in conjunction with other signs such as your vehicle tugging to one side as you drive. Once again, you’ll need a professional to fix things.

Loose or damaged wheel covers or hubcaps can also cause a high-pitched noise as they move around while your wheels spin and turn. Perhaps they’ve been damaged in a kerbing incident or some other trauma. You’ll need to make sure these get secured or replaced as if they fall off completely on the road while you’re driving they can cause serious accidents.

To get your car fixed, always consult a professional.

They will be able to diagnose the issue for you and fix it so your car is safe and roadworthy. Sometimes a squeal might sound like it’s coming from your tyre but it could actually be something else such as your brake pads, so it’s always important to get a proper check-up.

If you do find yourself needing a new set of tyres, you can buy tyres online for some competitive prices.

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Posted 11/04/2023