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The SUV category of vehicle has unquestionably taken off in Australia and, along with utes and 4WDs, are some of the most popular vehicles in the country. As of December 2019, four of the top ten best-selling cars in Australia were SUVs.

Toyota, Mitsubishil, Mazda, and Nissan all had entries that made the list and pretty much every manufacturer has a model on offer to meet this growing demand. So while they’re proven movers in Australia, what should we be taking into consideration when it comes time to replace the tyres on your beloved SUV?

Type of driving

This means you should consider where and how you do most of your driving. Is it mostly short trips around home like dropping kids off at school and doing the grocery run? Is it medium-distance commuting in stop-start traffic? Are you travelling longer distances regularly, mostly on highways? Depending on where and how you drive, what you need in a tyre can vary:

Long distance driving on highways and freeways?

You may want tyres manufactured for low rolling resistance and improved fuel economy

City driving?

You would benefit from tyres optimised for durability to withstand the demands of stop-start traffic, and the stresses caused by frequent roundabouts and other road obstacles

Short distance commutes like shopping trips or school runs?

You’ll want to find a tyre with good all-around performance, especially in Wet Weather Handling and Braking.

Country roads and/or occasional off-roading?

You’ll want to look for higher load ratings and reinforced sidewalls for added durability and protection against impact damage

Amount of kilometres travelled per year

Australians drive a lot. In 2018 the average Australian vehicle travelled 13,301 kilometres. How far you travel in a year will obviously have an impact on how quickly your tyres wear, but also on the manner in which they are likely to wear. If you:

Travel more than the average amount of kilometres per year – you may want to consider tyres that are engineered for greater durability

Travel the average amount of kilometres per year – you may want to consider tyres that have good durability, but not at the cost of reduced handling, especially in wet conditions

Travel less than the average amount of kilometres per year – you may want to invest in better handling tyres to ensure that the driving you do is enjoyable, and that you get the most out of your vehicle

Are you going off-road or carrying large loads regularly – While not as much of a workhorse as a ute or full-sized 4WD or other commercial vehicle, your SUV may still be doing a lot of work for you. If you regularly go:


You may want to look for a tyre that has a reinforced sidewall and a broader lug pattern in the tread to assist with these activities.

Carry large loads regularly?

You may want to look for a tyre that exceeds the minimum load rating required for your vehicle and that is engineered to cope with the additional heat that travelling with a load can generate.

No matter what tyres you’re looking for, Tyreright has something to suit your vehicle, your needs, and the environment that you drive in. Have a browse of some of our SUV tyres below, and follow the links through to relevant products for you.

And if you ever have any questions, start a live chat on the page below or give us a call on 1300 575 701!

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Posted 19/04/2023