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The Kumho KRD01 tyre excels in regional applications, specifically designed for long-haul highway use. It combines an advanced compound for cooler running with a solid shoulder that resists uneven wear, enhancing the tyre's longevity and reducing maintenance needs. This robust construction makes it an ideal choice for the demanding conditions of Australian highways.

Kumho White

Regional deep tread drive tyre for highway application

The Kumho KRD01 is meticulously engineered for the regional transport and logistics sectors, thriving on the diverse and challenging Australian road networks. This deep tread drive tyre is built for prolonged highway use, featuring a solid shoulder design that effectively resists uneven wear, ensuring consistent performance and minimal maintenance.

A new, technologically advanced compound enhances casing durability and ensures cooler running, which is critical under the harsh Australian sun. Furthermore, the strategic inclusion of stone ejectors in the centre groove of the tyre prevents stone retention, thereby protecting the integrity of the tyre against common road hazards.

This makes the KRD01 a reliable partner for businesses prioritising efficiency and cost-effectiveness in their operations.


Solid Shoulder Design

Reduces uneven wear and extends tyre life, crucial for managing operational costs effectively.

Advanced Compound

Ensures cooler running and enhances the durability of the tyre casing, key for enduring the extreme variations in Australian climate.

Stone Ejectors

Located in the centre groove, these help in preventing stone retention, protecting the tyre from potential damage and prolonging its life.

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