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Bushmate Hero One
Kenda White


The Kenda K401 Straight Rib tyre ensures minimal soil disturbance with its ribbed design, enhancing flotation and mobility. Designed for easy steering, it provides optimal mowing performance with minimal ground compaction.

Smooth Steering, Gentle Touch

The Kenda K401 Straight Rib tyre is expertly crafted to deliver top-tier utility performance, ideally suited for situations requiring minimal soil impact and superior handling.

Its distinctive ribbed tread design significantly reduces soil disturbance, making it an excellent choice for mowing and other ground-sensitive applications. The tyre’s structure is designed to offer outstanding flotation, promoting better mobility and reducing ground compaction, which preserves the soil’s integrity and promotes healthier turf and landscape. Furthermore, for consistent performance and a level cut, it is recommended to replace both front or rear tyres simultaneously and avoid mixing brands.

This ensures uniformity and optimal functionality, aligning with the needs of precision-driven lawn care professionals and garden enthusiasts.


Ribbed Tread Design

Provides minimal soil disturbance, preserving the terrain while facilitating smooth and easy steering, perfect for precision mowing and garden care.

Enhanced Flotation

The tyre's design offers superior flotation, allowing for better mobility across various terrains without sinking or causing rutting, ideal for maintaining pristine lawn conditions.

Reduced Ground Compaction

Its specialised structure minimises the compression of soil, ensuring healthier plant growth and easier handling of the vehicle on sensitive surfaces.

Optimal Mowing Performance

Following the recommendation to replace tyres in pairs and not mix brands ensures the best mowing performance, delivering a consistently level cut and extending the life of the equipment.

All sizes available for the
Kenda K401

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Width 114
Rim 5
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No