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Double Coin

Double Coin RT500 235/75R17.5

Category: Double Coin

Strength on Every Road

The Double Coin RT500 tyres, available in 19.5 inch and 22.5 inch sizes, redefine performance standards for heavy trucks and buses. These premium, low profile, all-position multi-use tyres are crafted to meet the rigorous demands of heavy-duty applications. With a focus on longevity, the RT500’s special tread compounds are formulated to withstand irregular wear, promoting extended tyre life in high scrub and all-position scenarios.

The tyre’s 5-rib design is central to its premium handling, stability, and traction capabilities, ensuring safety and efficiency in diverse driving conditions. Additionally, the integration of four steel belts not only augments the tyre’s durability and toughness but also enhances its retreadability, highlighting the RT500’s commitment to reliability and economic value.

Robust 5-Rib Design

Ensures top-notch handling, stability, and traction, essential for the safe transportation of heavy loads.

Advanced Tread Compounds

Specifically formulated to counteract irregular wear, these compounds significantly prolong tyre life in rigorous applications.

Enhanced Durability

The incorporation of four steel belts strengthens the tyre, enabling it to endure harsh conditions and support multiple retreadings.

All-Position Versatility

Tailored for use in any position on heavy trucks and buses, the RT500 delivers consistent, reliable performance across a variety of road conditions.

Brand Double Coin
Pattern RT500
Width 235
Aspect Ratio 75
Rim Size 17.5
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No