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Double Coin

Double Coin RLB200+ 315/80R22.5

Category: Double Coin

Rugged Reliability Redefined

The Double Coin RLB200+ is a heavy-duty drive-position tyre designed for both on and off-highway applications, making it ideal for a variety of severe conditions including long-distance, local freight, and construction-related transport.

It features an aggressive directional pattern that improves handling under both wet and dry conditions, ensuring reliable performance when it matters most. The deep tread depth extends original mileage significantly, while the extra wide tread enhances the tyre life and improves overall handling. This tyre is built to offer superior traction and durability, facilitating efficient operation across mixed terrains and demanding environments.

Whether navigating through muddy job sites or cruising on highways, the RLB200+ stands out as a top choice for heavy trucks requiring robust, dependable tyres.

Aggressive Directional Pattern Design

Offers improved traction and handling in both wet and dry conditions, ensuring safer and more stable drives across varied environments.

Deep Tread Depth

Extends the tyre's usable life and ensures long original mileage, reducing the frequency of replacements and supporting cost-effective operations.

Extra Wide Tread:

Enhances tread life and stability, which contributes to better handling and reduced wear, even under severe usage conditions.

On/Off Road Capability

Specially designed for versatility, suitable for long-distance trucks, local freight, tipper trucks, transit-mix concrete trucks, and logging trucks, providing reliable performance on highways and rugged off-road sites.

Brand Double Coin
Pattern RLB200+
Width 315
Aspect Ratio 80
Rim Size 22.5
Load Index
Speed Index
Run Flat No